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Time Attack Tracks: DnB for Gamers

Various Artists


We're trying something different with this release - a concept compilation.

Get comfortable, put on some headphones, close your eyes, and listen to this soundtrack for a movie that hasn't been made. (Or watch Ready Player One with the sound off while you listen.)

Time Attack Trax: DnB for Gamers is a collection of 12 drum'n'bass tracks culled from numerous artists whose works we've released. We have curated their tracks here into the structure of a story. An anime story of an underdog who finds themselves behind the wheel of a car, taking a stand against a corrupt speed demon, for both their own honour and that of their lover.

Much respect and gratitude to the artists who made this journey happen: Alan Chami, Fergal Freeman, Abdo, Jerome Robins, FET & Valé, Recluse, Glasgow's Bad MF, K1C3V5K1, and Kenneth Thomas.

Now start your engines!

  1. Alan Chami - Tokyo (Original Mix)
  2. Fergal Freeman - Nitro Junky (Original Mix)
  3. Abdo - Lambos & GTR's (Original Mix)
  4. FET & Valé - Make It (Original Mix)
  5. Recluse - Optimum (Original Mix)
  6. Glasgow's Bad MF - The Race (Original Mix)
  7. Abdo - Supersonik (Original Mix)
  8. Jerome Robins - Falling (Original Mix)
  9. K1C3V5K1 - Game (Original Mix)
  10. Abdo - Duez Paid (Original Mix)
  11. Kenneth Thomas - Hope (Original Mix)