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Xmaslicious At Play 2015

Various Artists


Happy HoHo Xmaslicious -Electro cheer from Melleefresh & the Play Records crew! 

Bringing you classic tunes, Joy2TheWorld, a house rendition by Sally McKay, MellsBellz from the one & only Melleefesh who does her her best chill out version of Jingle Bells! 

Also included are original tracks from one of our favourite hipster artists, Rik Assfalg from Belin. 'Master Santa Claus is Cummin' a bangin' slice of Electronica,while the infamous'Red Leather Suit' by Melleefresh is a hot & sexy Nu-Disco number. 

Billy NewtonDavis brings you an original 'Santa is sure to Knock',chill out at its loungeest. 

'Santa you Promised' a Melleefresh original house trak plus a slightly wacky Australian Upsidedown Xmas group song from The Play Family Captain Cliveee, Spydabrown, Melleefresh and BillyNewton Davis Have a Super Merry Xmas 2015 

  1. Melleefresh - Mells Bells (Original Mix)
  2. Billy Newton-Davis, Rusty McCarthy - Santa Is Sure To Knock (Original Mix)
  3. Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis, Clive Smith & Spydabrown - It's Christmas in Australia and I Am Upside Down (Original Mix)
  4. Phauna - Joy To The World (Original Mix)
  5. Melleefresh, Rusty McCarthy - Santa You Promised (Original Mix)
  6. Melleefresh vs Rik Assfalg - Red Leather Suit (Original Mix)
  7. Lovesox vs Rik Assfalg - Master Santa Claus Is Cummin (Original Mix)