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Xmaslicious At Play 2019

Various Artists


Kick off your 12 days of Christmas with our annual compilation of seasonal house and dance tracks, featuring a new funky house remix of Melleefresh’s Candy Cane by HQ Glasgow producer Hotknife.

Xmaslicious At Play 2019 follows up on that opening track with 2 works of house music produced last year at this time - Fergal Freeman’s housey rendition of Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Spekrfreks' grooviest take on the traditional Greensleeves.

Hot on their heels are 4 holiday house tracks from our early catalogue, from Phauna, Melleefresh, Friends & Lovers, and Rik Assfalg.

Xmaslicious At Play 2019 closes out with a trip outside our usual genres, with a selection of stylized jazz, lounge, and big band tunes from Jaymz Bee, Billy Newton-Davis, Rusty McCarthy, Ralph Benmergui, and Terry Doyle.

Xmaslicious At Play 2019 is a little naughty and lotta nice.

  1. Melleefresh - Candy Cane (Hotknife Funky House Mix)
  2. Fergal Freeman - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Original Mix)
  3. SpekrFreks - Greensleeves (Original Mix)
  4. Phauna - Joy To The World (Original Mix)
  5. Melleefresh - Jingle Bells (Original Mix)
  6. Friends & Lovers & Family - Fairy Merry (Original Mix)
  7. Melleefresh vs Rik Assfalg - Red Leather Suit (Original Mix)
  8. Jaymz Bee - Croonin' on Christmas Eve (Original Mix)
  9. Billy Newton-Davis, Rusty McCarthy - Santa Is Sure To Knock (Original Mix)
  10. Ralph Benmergui - Super Elf (Original Mix)
  11. Terry Doyle - Uncle Mistletoe (Original Mix)