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Am I Too Much?

Vinny Fiore


Vinny’s vision to excel as a DJ and producer is fueled by expressive forms of dance, art, and music that make up the collage of his experiences. His new release on Play Records is a continuation of that collage, a new musical event for Vinny to add to his growing repertoire of tracks and reputation. Vincent converted "Am I Too Much" into four separate mixes that breath life his signature Dubtro sound as well as touching upon electro, progressive, and blurs the line between the tech house and deep house genres. “My music reflects who I am: emotional, creative and unique. I'm influenced by various artists but I never sit down with the intention of making a specific type of track. The sounds I choose express whatever emotions I happen to feel that day.” DJ VinNY Fiore works at his home studio in Brooklyn on a Mac G5 using Ableton Live and a variety of outboard analog gear and fx.

  1. Am I Too Much? (Original Mix)
  2. Am I Too Much? (Vinny Fiore Club Remix)
  3. Am I Too Much? (Vinny Fiore Club Instrumental Remix)
  4. Am I Too Much? (Vinny Fiore Bonus)
  5. Am I Too Much? (Vinny Fiore Radio Edit)