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San Francisco's Wolvero continues to astound our ears with his latest EP, Void.

A collection of bass house, techno, and electro house bangers, Void offers listeners a dark yet uplifting musical experience, with the artist's refined experimentations and bass heavy vibes.

"I resonate with Drezo's and Dustycloud's production techniques," says Wolvero, citing Void EP's lead track All Aboard as an example of "a rich bass texture coupled with sliding notes to fill the spectrum."

Teaming with Seattle vocalist Celestic brought new life to the track Lightning. "I'd shelved it for months," Wolvero admits, "but her vocals fit perfectly for the track I wanted to create."

Likewise, Void EP fits perfectly for 2021.

  1. Wolvero ft. Celestic - Lightning (Original)
  2. All Aboard (Original Mix)
  3. Sky Fall (Original Mix)
  4. Soul (Original Mix)