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Wesley Gauthier
Dec 27th
Released Jun 27/2009
Billy Newton-Davis vs deadmau5
All U Ever Want
Released Jun 24/2009
Released Jun 17/2009
Get Jack'd
Released Jun 4/2009
Melleefresh vs Wes Gauthier
Fuk Me
Released May 12/2009
J Tease feat. Fabre
Released May 7/2009
Released Apr 16/2009
Released Apr 8/2009
Melleefresh vs CyberSutra
White, Trashy & Blonde
Released Mar 24/2009
Released Mar 17/2009
Released Mar 8/2009
Various Artists
Dirt Hott Vol. 1
Released Mar 8/2009
J Tease & Danny Jay feat. Fabre
Released Mar 4/2009
Save The Robot
Sun Blaze
Released Feb 24/2009
Released Feb 18/2009
At Play
Released Feb 16/2009
Released Feb 4/2009
Matt Gill
Released Jan 28/2009
Released Jan 19/2009
Released Dec 16/2008
Wes Gauthier & Marty Madsen ft. Cassandra Mantel
I Don't Think So
Released Dec 8/2008
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Attention Whore Remixes
Released Nov 27/2008
Wesley Gauthier, Marty Madsen & Duane Dawkins
Into The Dark
Released Nov 5/2008
Wesley Gauthier & Marty Madsen
Nature Of Forces
Released Oct 29/2008
Wesley Gauthier & Marty Madsen
Flick Your Bic
Released Oct 22/2008
Released Oct 16/2008
Released Oct 7/2008
Neon Stereo ft. Marcie
Disco Lights Remixes
Released Sep 30/2008
Released Sep 23/2008
DJ Zya
DJ Boy
Released Aug 28/2008
Michael O'Howe
Last Chance
Released Aug 26/2008
Michael O'Howe
Up This Down
Released Aug 18/2008
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Attention Whore
Released Aug 8/2008
Morten Alick & Casper LT ft. Aurelie
Freedom Remixes
Released Jul 31/2008
Wutam & J-Break ft Melleefresh
Do You Wannit Now
Released Jul 24/2008
Released Jul 8/2008
Cajjmere Wray vs Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis
Fuk Chat
Released Jun 28/2008
Nino Anthony & Billy Newton-Davis
Everything I Wanna Do Remixes
Released Jun 23/2008
Released Jun 20/2008
Morten Alick & Casper LT
Released May 21/2008
Stereo Scum feat. Melleefresh
How Dangerous
Released May 12/2008
Released May 8/2008
Kaysh ft. Lisa War
Traces Of Fish
Released Apr 30/2008
Released Apr 24/2008
Thomas Sagstad
Released Apr 15/2008
Michael O'Howe, Sage, Wes Gauthier
Niagra 2
Released Apr 15/2008
Neon Stereo feat. Marcie
Disco Lights
Released Mar 29/2008
Thomas Sagstad
Released Mar 27/2008