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Super Happy Darkness

Melleny Melody & The Pop Machine


Originally released on Gay Records, Super Happy Darkness is the sole album by Melleny Melody & The Pop Machine.

Influenced by the jazz-pop-lounge music of the late 1990s and early 2000s (as exemplified by such artists as Fantastic Plastic Machine, Koop, and Mint Royale), Super Happy Darkness takes the listener on a funhouse ride into kitschy dance beats and bubbly, girlish vocals with occasional detours into early 2000s deep house, drum 'n bass, and break beat.

This was the singer's final appearance using the artist name Melleny Melody. She would soon go on to work with Alexander III using her new moniker, Melleefresh.

  1. Doin' Dishes (Original Mix)
  2. I'm Already There (Original Mix)
  3. Bad Girl (Original Mix)
  4. Love Shower (Original Mix)
  5. Eight Inch Pumps (Original Mix)
  6. Cocktail Time (Original Mix)
  7. 401 (Original Mix)
  8. Honey Pill (Original Mix)
  9. Fashion Victim (Original Mix)
  10. E-me (Original Mix)