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She's a Nobody

R.oK ft. Isis Salam


"I usually don't like sample packs," admits Liverpudlian house producer R.oK. But the attitude-rich vocals of Isis Salam on Per QX's Speakin & Preachin sample collection turned him around. "I fell in love with this vocal and knew I had to do something with it."

Starting a new work with the vocal rather than the drums or groove was a fresh approach for R.oK but he took to it with zeal. The result is a booty shaker and a shoulder shaker, equally suitable for hitting the dance floor or simply crossing the room.

The single includes the original mix, radio edit, R.oK's Jackin Your Box mix, and instrumentals. And a remix release will follow in 2 weeks.

  1. She's a Nobody (Original Mix)
  2. She's a Nobody (Radio Edit)
  3. She's a Nobody (Jackin' Your Box Mix)
  4. She's a Nobody (Instrumental)
  5. She's a Nobody (Jackin' Your Box Instrumental)