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Bigtopo & Omar Diaz
This Is A Fiesta
Released Jun 30/2014
Vita Chambers
What If? (Remixes)
Released Jun 18/2014
Gareth Harding
Turn It Up
Released Jun 2/2014
Gareth Harding
Released Jun 2/2014
Melleefresh & Alixander III
My Life (Without You)
Released May 26/2014
Released May 19/2014
100% Beef
Released May 14/2014
Melleefresh vs Defibrillator
Sleep Fairy
Released May 12/2014
Digital Suspects
Deep Space EP
Released Mar 10/2014
Master & Servant
Released Feb 3/2014
Melleefresh vs LEWO
Released Jan 27/2014
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Afterhours (The Remixes)
Released Jan 13/2014
Released Jan 13/2014
Master & Servant
Released Dec 30/2013
Gareth Harding
Bad Company EP
Released Dec 16/2013
Released Dec 2/2013
Various Artists
Best of Dubstep Vol. 2
Released Nov 13/2013
Random Crash ft. Sam Frank
Let's Fly
Released Oct 28/2013
Various Artists
From The Vault Vol. 2
Released Oct 14/2013
Martin Villeneuve
Mr. Roboto (The Remixes)
Released Sep 23/2013
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Released Sep 23/2013
Carlos Barbosa, Fresh & Funky ft. VR
Released Sep 9/2013
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Cherry Pop
Released Aug 26/2013
Boss Doms & RE-START
Marco Bello Reloaded
Released Jul 29/2013
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Sex Slave Remixes
Released Jul 15/2013
Released Jul 1/2013
Melleefresh vs Boy Pussy
Motorcycle Prostitute
Released Jun 17/2013
Melleefresh vs Jay Frog
Released Jun 3/2013
Various Artists
Best Of Tekk Vol.1
Released May 20/2013
D-Unity & Jerome Robins ft. Corey Andrew
Back To Werq
Released May 6/2013
Billy Newton-Davis
Released Apr 22/2013
Melleefresh vs NHB
Face Off
Released Mar 25/2013
Utku S.
Punch EP
Released Mar 18/2013
Released Mar 18/2013
Released Mar 11/2013
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Sex Slave (DANK (USA) Remix)
Released Feb 25/2013
Various Artists
Best Of House Vol. 1
Released Feb 18/2013
Dezza ft. Emily
When I'm With You
Released Feb 4/2013
Released Jan 14/2013
The Prophecy EP
Released Dec 3/2012
Released Nov 26/2012
Released Nov 12/2012
Released Oct 18/2012
Various Artists
Best Of Dubstep Vol. 1
Released Sep 24/2012
Various Artists
Play At Pride 2012
Released Sep 6/2012
Billy Newton-Davis vs deadmau5
All U Ever Want Remixes
Released Jul 19/2012
Melleefresh vs SpekrFreks
Released Jun 28/2012
Melleefresh vs Hoxton Whores
Let's Get Dirty
Released Jun 14/2012